Short-Term Work Program:

– Improving the quality of laboratory management with improved administration and service practicum and / or research.
– Checking the function of the tool, identification, and inventory.
– Implementation of an effective lab.
– Completing the laboratory needs to provide facilities for faculty / student research and scientific improvement.
– Enabling activities for lab members (faculty / student) in the scientific field of interest (SDH and PSD research group).
– Improved lab module analogue and digital communication and PSD, in association with the new equipment.
– Provide / develop ideas of material that can be used for thesis students.
– Evaluation of the implementation of each semester.
Long Term Work Program:

– Fostering co-operation that has existed, and to seek cooperation with other parties (industry).
– Fostering co-operation / links with the telecommunications laboratories in other universities, as media ‘go public’ and scientific cooperation.
– Achieve a superior laboratory ‘marketable’ and able to support themselves.